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Stop arguing about domestic chores

Two Sum creates happier couples by helping you tackle the 2nd biggest cause of arguments - how to divide domestic chores.

We teach you the Two Sum Way. A fun process that improves communication, and provides a way to divide chores fairly.


The bonus! We've created a process where you can trade time spent doing boring chores for things that are valuable to you - me-time, pampering and more!


Why do couples argue about domestic chores?

What does clean even mean?

What clean means to one, is different to what it means to another.  Differing expectations cause friction, and this leads to arguments. Surely there is a better way?

It is work, and it isn't shared fairly

Every couples circumstances are different, but domestic chores are additional work, and have to be done. The fairer the sharing of this, the happier the couple

 Nobody really wants to do chores

Let's face it, chores are pretty tedious, and there are many other way's we would rather be spending our time. It means chores get left last until boiling point is hit!

Nobody likes to nag or be nagged

Nagging your partner to do something is no fun! Being nagged is no fun either! The negative emotions associated with nagging cause both parties to feel frustrated.

5-Step Two Sum Way

A fun interactive process, designed to be completed by couples together. Kind of like a board game, but less competitive!


Better communicate with your partner by understanding their style and how they respond in times of conflict



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Agree on what a clean household means. What chores need to be done, and how often?




Divide the chores in a fair and fun manner. Like a slower paced game of Snap!



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Do your chores, at your time, at your own pace, how you want to do them, and then get points.




Use your points for agreed rewards. Want an afternoon off to play golf? Check. Want to get taken out for a nice meal.? Check.




Learn the Two Sum Way

At Home

Get the Two Sum Way toolkit sent to your home for you and your partner to complete in your own time and space.


*Online videos valid for one year

Awesome Two Sum Articulate Domestic Chore Cards
10 x Explainer videos to get into the mood to talk chores
5 x In-action videos to show you how-to for each step
Chore Allocation Game
Two Sum Tracker to help avoid nagging or being nagged
Couples communication tool
Two Sum reward guide
Online support

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Deluxe Experience

Get together with some other couples, a few glasses of wine and
some beers and take part in an awesome interactive, fun workshop to cover the Two Sum Way.

$299 per couple

*Online videos valid for one year

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Awesome interactive, fun workshop to cover the Two Sum Way
Get together with like-minded couples and get ideas and inspiration
Pre-workshop couples personality analysis and chat
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